Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. About asking personal information.
We ask you about your medical history daily life and family within necessity for your treatment.

2. Use and provide of personal information
We never use your personal information beyond the purpose we tell you in advance.
When we need to use the personal information in different purpose, we make sure to get your consent once again or use it as anonymous information.
Again, we never provide your personal information to the third party (es other medical institute) without your agreement.

3. Management of personal information.
We manage your medical record strictly so that your personal information never get leaked nor altered.
We also pay close attention to keep your personal information accurate and the latest.

4. Disclosure of personal information such as medical record.
We respond to your wishes as much as possible when you need your personal information such as medical record disclosed.

5. Contact for inquiries.
If there is any further queries about management of personal information at our clinic, please ask reception.

Various credit card acceptable.

Various credit cards acceptable for treatment NOT covered by health insurance other than cash.

Cash only for treatment COVERED by health insurance.
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Reception hours

AM 9am to 12 noon

PM 2:30pm to 5:30 pm

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Internal Medicine Dentistry
Internal medicine / Dentistry

Open all year round (except New Year holiday) even on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday.

※Reception may finish early due to congestion.

※Please give yourself a little extra time when you come to clinic.



Only on the 3rd Sunday.

Accept over 1 yo child

※Open on Sunday of National holiday



Sat:9am to 12noon
Sun:9am to 12noon,2:30pm to 5:30pm

※Open on Saturday and Sunday of National Holiday.